Week 5 Blog post

 Podcast Questions / Script 

1) What are your thoughts on the psychological damage that were being abused by these enslavers? (sexual violence in the slave trade, forced reproduction for profit, sexual exploitation being used as a business

2) Do you think that the era of a concubine light skin woman, being superior has passed? Or does it still persist? 

  • Slaveholders in the past were very colorist and seeking women with  European features? 
  • Do you think that colorism still plays into today’s society?      

3) Why do you think white enslavers were so keen to black women as their property? They already had the males? 

4) During the slave era it was a male dominated society, do you believe that that time has passed, or is still present in 2020? 

  • Do you think the male domination mindset has transferred over today? 

5) Why do you think it’s important to learn about the experience of slave women’s experiences in the South? 

One thought on “Week 5 Blog post

  1. I must start out by saying that the intro/exit music was simply awesome. It sounded like a real broadcasted morning show! I also really enjoyed the casual and candid nature of this podcast. Your interviewee did a fantastic job and offered profound insight into these topics! I learned so much about generational trauma and the violent legacies of slavery, including contemporary issues in racism, sexism, economics, and mental health. They are all deeply entwined as systemic problems. The conversation about the legacies of gender inequalities was particularly insightful; especially when thinking about the power dynamics that are implied (and stereotyped) within gender and race. We certainly have so much more work to do. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about these topics and spreading awareness, excellent work all around!

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