I was trying to give a visual to slavery instead of stories and other resources. I also think that through flourish and the census data we were all able to create very interesting pieces of history. I decided to create a map depicting slavery related to the 1800’s and also with using census data. My map shows different counties in the north-east United States in the 1800. It has a lot of data  I believe the most important information is the county size and shape. This could be very important to look at later during the civil war. When discussing the resources that both sides have things like city area and shape can play a large role.

I found this process a little bit difficult but after I got the hang of it I believe that I could produce more in the future. This was new to me because I am a marketing major and I do not usually have to do this type of thing and especially not a lot of history work. I enjoyed this process.

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  1. I agree that I think there is something to be said about the significance of counties, populations, and tracing key historical events. I am also glad to hear that you enjoyed this process (and the challenge!) of building a data map. I think this exercise could be very helpful to your work as a marketing major in thinking about population densities, target audiences, advertising objectives, etc.

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