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This week is the second week of leaning American history and slavery. For the reason I come from China and I only study a little about American History in high school and it could be the first time for me to learn about slavery. I merely know things about slavery but this would be a interesting topic because I like history. For the topic Slavery, I know this is the reason of American civil war and one of the greatest president Lincoln was the key point end the war. I read the book written by Carl Schermerhorn and gain more knowledge about the slavery. The problem of slavery does not only relate with war and people’s life, but also influence the economy of the America. Slavery affect America’s economy by using workforce for low price and does not need to do anything to the country. Few money for tedious work, this does not only affect the slaves and also the country. People who fight in the war need guns and medical, this cost a huge deal of money. The reconstruction of destroyed buildings costs money.


I chose the topic “The Fallacy of 1619: Rethinking the History of Africans in Early America.”This article talked about the history of how African get to the USA. This should be relate with the Triangular trade. Spanish people in 16th century send black people from the Africa to the USA and help them Mining sliver and grow tobacco for Spanish. These slaves cost less money than other labor and what they need sometimes are just food which maybe hardly be fulfilled.


Learn about how African get to the USA. I researched some report about the triangle trade and how it works. Strongest Spanish Navy conquered the most part of the world in 16th century and Columbus found the North America at 1492. Then the people in England and Spanish found there are rich sliver mines and vast plains to grow plants. As a result, they use the cheap workforce form Africa which is the slave we researching now to mini these sliver and grow tobacco. This is how African people get to the America. Because of the terrible triangle trade, over a hundred million people died in this trade.

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  1. It is vey interesting that you come from such a diverse background, and are not familiar with some important historical moments that have taken place in the United States, because you are from another country. Do you think that there are some key issues that U.S. history hasn’t covered about important or key moments in China? Also would knowing this information impact how Americans view China and its people?

  2. Yaoyu, this is a very interesting post that is reflective of your own experience and understanding of this history. I particularly like your thoughts that have been influenced by the 1619 “fallacy” and consider how different colonial empires participated in the slave trade and upheld the institution of slavery.

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