Week One: Introduction

Hello to everyone who is reading this blog post. I am a senior at Michigan State studying advertising management with a minor in psychology. A little about me is that I am from Fort Lauderdale, FL. I often get asked the question “why leave Florida for Michigan?” My response is usually “I just wanted to experience something outside of my comfort zone. and my parents were in the financial position to grace me with the opportunity to leave my home state!”

Outside of the class I am a huge cinephile, (a person who is fond of motion pictures) I like to go thrifting and find unique clothing pieces. I also really enjoy taking pictures on my film camera.

As I’m scrolling through the course schedule, week five about podcasting and communication as public history seems quite interesting. In my opinion 2019 and 2020 has seen a massive surge of individuals creating platforms through the use of podcasts. It has given many individuals and groups a platform to share stories, opinions, and information to an audience or fanbase. Also financial incentives can come from having a massive platform as well. So it will be quite interesting to see a college course breakdown of how to set up a podcast, how to have good etiquette for a podcast, and how to use the right audio equipment so there aren’t any mishaps.

Conversely some weeks that make me a little anxious is using other websites databases for projects / assignments. I feel as if I am not the most tech savvy, so navigating through these websites and delivering the right content for the assignment might give me some trouble.

The change to online learning has been both good and bad for me. The positives are that I only have to take minimal steps in order to be on time for class. Also with a switch to online learning during this pandemic teachers are more lenient and understanding when it comes to coursework, so it allows the student to feel more comfortable when working on assignments. The drawbacks of online learning is that zoom classes can tend to feel repetitive and there is more of a chance that the student becomes distracted. Also there is an increase that the student, which includes myself, will tune out or exit the zoom lecture.

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