One thought on “Week Five: Podcast

  1. Great music at the intro and conclusion! I really enjoyed learning more about the evolution of history education and your summary of key historical moments as they are presented to younger students. I think many of us could relate to your own experience when learning about topics like the Revolution and wondering about the central paradox of pursuing liberty while also sanctioning the existence of slavery. Even well-meaning teachers often avoid difficult and sensitive conversations about the prevalence of slavery and its role in the foundations of the United States. Unfortunately, then, some students end up with a sanitized (or exceptional) view of the United States that isn’t productive– especially for high schoolers who SHOULD be having these conversations. As you suggested, this is not a “teacher” problem, but rather a “structural” problem in the expectations and objectives of history education (like common core). I also really appreciated how you brought these topics to the present by integrating digital projects, like the 1619 Project, as an educational tool to raise awareness and improve access to the history of slavery. Thank you so much for sharing your profound insights on these subjects; I agree that when we understand history’s darkest moments, this is how we build empathy and a brighter future. I wish this could be a whole series, I want to listen to more!

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