One thought on “Week 5 Podcast

  1. I really enjoyed your mode of storytelling and the vocal inflections you added to give this podcast a strong “broadcasting” tone; nice work! Your approach towards the long history of the trans-Atlantic slave trade provides a strong global view of this narrative as we try to better understand how it came to the Americas. In particular, your insights on the significant role of Brazil in the slave trade highlights the far-reaching extent of slavery in global economics, colonialism, and power. When it came to the uneven abolition of the slave trade, I appreciated your emphasis on the economic reasons for abolition rather than the common misperception that it was for moral reasons. Lastly, I really liked your candid conversation about fragmentary evidence and considerations of how historians use evidence to reconstruct the past. You provided intricate details that focused on the experiences of individuals which reinforced the very personal effects of enslavement. This episode would be great as part of an entire series!

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