Week 4 Blog Post: Comparative Website

I picked website pair D to review.

The first website is titled “Revisiting Rebellion: Nat Turner in the American Imagination” (https://americanantiquarian.org/NatTurner/). Upon entering the website, at first glance, it looks super easy and simple to read. The home had three short paragraphs and was very straightforward. The website had information that was very accessible with just a few simple clicks. Clicking on one of the tabs on the left side would then lead you to another page that gave more information related to the title of the tab. This website was fairly short and sweet to the point. It allowed me to gain an overview of the actual text without having to research it. It then had the website URL linked to the page in which I could go to the actual website where the information was derived from. As it is so limited in scope, the website does leave out several specifics about Nat Turner’s Revolt. However, I would say this was a strength as it made it easier for the readers to be engaged than to have so much text that could deter the reader. The website was very simple and didn’t really catch my eye. The design wasn’t interesting and the color was a dusty red with black text.

The second website is titled “The Portent: John Brown’s Raid in American Memory” (https://www.virginiahistory.org/collections-and-resources/virginia-history-explorer/portent-john-browns-raid-american-memory). Right away I noticed a lot more text than the first website. There were also more images when clicking on other tabs. Navigation was okay on this website, there were just a lot more tabs that were located on the left side of the page. A strength of this website is that it has five main pages describing in an orderly manner the main information about the event. In contrast to the website regarding Nat Turner’s Revolt, this website instead provides a lot more detail. The website had a lot more color as the blue background popped when opening the page. 

Both websites had that similarity and how if you click on the tab it would direct you to another page filled with information about that topic. Looking back at the two websites, each offered something different to the reader. The website had a home page with six header lines and that allowed for a reader to click on what was most important to them in their research. The second website was more lengthy in terms of information than the first. The website is very wordy in length and could have visitors exiting prematurely. Both websites contain proper information that I believe was unbiased and just factual information. The one thing that did benefit this website then the first was the use of images throughout the site.

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  1. In Blog4 about compare the website, I think the most important thing about website is clear and direct. Long articles will lose the patience of readers just like what you have said in this blog. Directly focus on the useful information will leave a good impression for the reader. Especially in literature website. Nobody will spend a lot of time on things which useless.

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