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Looking into the websites provided, I found “The Geography of Slavery in Virginia” and “Freedom On the Move” extra interesting. For the two websites, both gave a better understanding of slaves escaping from their masters during the 18th and 19th century. Although the two websites gave a similar theme but still managed to provide different information and different perspectives.

For “The Geography of Slavery in Virginia,” the website provided a personal profile, essay, documents, and most importantly, a geographical perspective on slavery in Virginia. I would say that the website provides too much text and tiny visual images compared to the other websites. However, it is straightforward to find the type of information I want with the tabs on the left-hand side: “Advertisements, Documents, Explanatory Essays, Personal Profiles, and Resources.” A little suggestion would be to fill in some of the pages on the website. Several pages are empty or lack information. The blanks are mainly on the main pages. Overall I would still rate this website as accessible for readers due to the newspapers, literature, and personal past information.

The second website, “Freedom On the Move,” the website provides a better overall visual. The accessibility for readers is much better here. By including a database, definitely benefits the reader as we are looking for certain information. The main page is also overall more professional as it provides visuals as well as the Interdisciplinary Team, Institutions, funding, etc.… The website provides more amounts of newspaper advertisements and articles. The website would be perfect for both students and scholars for research purposes.

B. The Geography of Slavery in Virginia (UVA):
B. Freedom On the Move:

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  1. This is a great overview of both of the websites and includes strong engagement with their navigation, presentation of content, and accessibility. I also appreciate your critiques of these websites and how they could be improved.

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