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This week is the second week I am learning American history and slavery. As an international student as my background, I have never indeed studied slavery in the USA. However, I’m interested and want to learn more about slavery and the United States’ painful transition from a new and more truthful perspective.

Research question: How has the history of African slavery affected modern society for black people?

This article I read other days,” with 63% believing it affects black people’s position in American society today either a great deal or a fair amount. Black adults are particularly likely to say slavery continues to have an impact: More than eight-in-ten say this is the case, including 59% who say the legacy of slavery affects the situation of black people a great deal. By comparison, 26% of whites, 29% of Hispanics, and 33% of Asians say slavery affects the position of black people in American society today a great deal. However, majorities of each group say it does so at least a fair amount.” “In addition to their bleak views about the country’s racial progress, black adults are also skeptical about the prospects for racial equality in the future. Among black Americans who say the country hasn’t gone far enough in giving black people equal rights with whites, 64% say it’s not too or not at all likely that the country will ever achieve racial equality. Whites who say the country still has work to do in this area are more optimistic: 80% say it’s very or somewhat likely that black people in our country will eventually have equal rights. ”

It’s a sad truth that racism exists in this nation and the odds are that we have all either seen or experienced it eventually in time. As an international student from China, I have received stereotypes or racist jokes about me. I don’t believe that it is reasonable for Asians who are just trying to learn more about American culture and fit in. Unfortunately, racism won’t disappear immediately. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no way around it. Similarly, as you have the right to expect not to be attacked due to your race or color, it is your responsibility never to treat any other individual differently because of their race or color. You can do this by guaranteeing you don’t use unfriendly racist language by not using racial stereotypes, and by telling people, it’s not right when you hear racist comments or jokes. Try to help any individual who is being bullied. Tell them that they can talk with you and can rely on you for help.

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  1. Max, thank you for sharing your personal experience in this post, and I am sorry that you have experienced prejudice while being here. Your research question identifies and important continuity between the past and the present to argue that the legacies of slavery in the US have direct consequences for people today. The information you included from an article is insightful, but I would like to know the name of the article and where you found it as well.

  2. Hello Max,
    As an international student from India myself I think I am aware of the feeling that you described in your post. Sometimes I have also been a victim of racist comments in my time in the United States, but I hope it would not happen to anyone and that people may come to their senses that everyone should be treated equally and that they have the right to not be discriminated.

    Coming back to the official part of your blog post, I can answer your research question to the best of my ability and it only states my opinion and where I stand on the topic.

    I believe slavery has affected the United States in the present as well. The mindset of the people making the black’s to be at the bottom of the racial hierarchy that was established in the country hundreds of years ago. Though that racial hierarchy has been abolished, there still seems to be discrimination in society. In the 20th century, this oppression often faced by the black people was responded with the establishment of the Black Panther Party as a part of the Black Power Movement.

    All the history aside, there is still hope for a better future.

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