Introduction-Yaoyu Xia

My name is Yaoyu Xia, A sophomore in MSU. My major is math but I have already fall calculus twice and I am deciding to change my major. I come from Eastern part of China, a city near Shanghai called Suzhou. During my free time, I like watching movies, playing video games or having fun with my friends. I have played War of Warcraft for five years since high school and this is my favorite video game. I will also play some guitar and piano after dinner if there is no movie I want to watch.

I like history because learning things such as wars, political events, and stories is much more exciting than doing math. After I read the schedule, I think the topic that attracted me most is Week6, Geospatial analysis and mapping and especially the war between North and South. I think we are probably learning the map at that time and we need to search them ,draw them and analyze them. I can also learn things related to war and how this affects today.

That is about me and my favorite week.

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  1. Hi Yaoyu! Thank you for this thoughtful post. You have plenty of time to figure out what path you would like to pursue and it is very common for students to change majors (sometimes multiple times). What is most important is that you pursue your interests and what brings you the most happiness.

    I’m also glad to read about your interests in history! I hope that this class will provide some creative and new experiences for students. We will do the best we can in an online setting! I look forward to hearing more about your thoughts and experiences this semester.

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