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Hello, My name is Scott Lebowitz and I am a junior studying Advertisement management. I’m from Potomac,Maryland and i love to Golf,Ski, watch/play sports. My favorite show is Ozark and my favorite food is Pizza. I’m excited for week for week 4 where we get to look at primary source documents about some slavery exhibitions. Conversely, I am nervous about week 6 because in the schedule there is a long list of directions which allows me to guess it could be a tough week. The recent change to online learning has made me think about how important having an in person teacher is to my development throughout school, because having to teach yourself a lot leads to some confusion and organization problems. Looking forward to a great semester.

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  1. It’s nice to meet you, Scott! Thank you for this thoughtful post, and also, yay! another golfer in the class! We’re up to three now including myself.

    No need to worry about week 6, even though the length of instructions looks a little ugly. It should be interesting (and maybe fun) to produce some maps and think about how we can represent information on maps!

    Like everything else, we can only take this course one day at a time. The goal is to attempt the tools we are working with and think about their value to better understanding history. I look forward to hearing more from you!

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