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Hello, I’m Cooper Anderson. I am currently a sophomore here at Michigan state and I’m from wixom (walled lake) Michigan. For me I think week 5 looks the most interesting to me because it is podcasts along with communications. This week strikes me the most because I’m a computer science major so anything involving technology really interests me. So far I feel pretty comfortable with this class because our professor has always been on the dot with answering questions I have. The only thing I find challenging is meeting other students. With covid and all the chaos, I’m still hoping and looking forward to get the chance to meet everyone so that we can make the best out of our situation. All in all, I’m really excited for this class and to learn knowledge from the past.

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  1. Hi Cooper! It’s great to learn more about you through your first blog post. I also think that the podcasting week will be a lot of fun for students and also allow some fun creativity in producing a mini-podcast!

    I am glad to help out with any questions you have and I will always try to respond as quickly as possible! I agree, meeting and interacting with other students is a difficult challenge to work around this semester, but hopefully meeting via Zoom and using the messaging app Slack will help students connect. Be sure to check out the #comicrelief channel I created for casual and light-hearted diversions we all need from class!

    I look forward to hearing more about your thoughts and experiences this semester!

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