Introduction- Landon Gustafson

Hello everyone, my name is Landon Gustafson and this is my junior year here at MSU. My major is human biology, in the future, I plan to attend dental school anywhere in the US depending on where I get accepted. Some of my hobbies include hunting, fishing, golf, lifting, and hanging out with friends. I have one sister who is currently a senior in high school and 3 dogs. I grew up in a small town about 30 minutes from campus, this was a weird transition, but totally worth it after the number of people that I’ve met here.

After browsing the course website and going through the schedule, week 5 “podcasting and communication as public history,” excites me. This is because podcasts seem to be increasingly popular in recent years. I also enjoy watching podcasts on a frequent basis, I would say my favorite are Joe Rogans. Most of the time podcasts have and individual or even a group of people discussing and giving their opinions on certain topics that are occurring worldwide. These are informative, but the best part is unlike watching the news; are interesting and funny. A particular week that makes me nervous is week 3. This week we are working with metadata and primary sources, this makes me nervous because I have never heard of metadata before. I believe it will be interesting though because I’ve never heard of it before and it is always nice to learn new things.

Online learning over this period of time has changed my viewpoint of college, my routine, and my habits. During my first two years, I took for granted in-class learning and how much easier it was to retain information. When we went virtual this past spring I was actually excited and happy that we wouldn’t have to go to class. My viewpoint changed after I was soon swamped with assignments and studying for exams at the same time. My study habits had to change as well as how often I did school work in order to continue to do well in my classes. I have learned from the whole experience, things like keeping up with classwork and time management. Even though I know it’s not ideal, everyone is in the same boat and going through it together.

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  1. Hi Landon! Thank you for your thoughtful and reflective blog post! You’re the fourth golfer in the class including myself, so that’s pretty cool! It’s always sad to see the season end as it gets colder outside.

    I’m glad to hear that you’re excited about podcasting week! It should be a lot of fun to learn about the process of creating a podcast and also have the chance to be creative and produce your own mini episode. As for metadata, it is a concept and term that will come up A LOT in this class. You actually probably already know what metadata is, without using the term.

    I appreciate your thoughts about the value of classroom learning. There is a lot to get used to, but I hope that meeting via Zoom for this class will provide some structure and a space to interact with the materials at hand. I look forward to hearing more from you!

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