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Hello! My name is Derek Lasker, and I am a sophomore from Lancaster, New York. I am a sophomore and I am studying statistics. I enjoy spending time with my friends (which is a lot tougher to do nowadays) and I have a passion for most sports, particularly hockey and football. I also have an interest in history and what kinds of data can be drawn from it, and how it can be used to draw important conclusions as well as challenge preexisting notions of events that may have occurred centuries ago. Week Five (Podcasting and Communication as Public History) seems very exciting and interesting to me. Podcasting is obviously on the rise and I think it is a great way to convey knowledge to a wide audience, and since it can be both produced quickly and accessed easily, I feel that it is a great way to capture the emotions of how a lot of the “general” people are feeling in the time when important historical moments happen, and not just the ones who are directly involved (although it’s possible to get their insight more directly in this form too).  I would not say that any week in particular makes me nervous. I think the online class style has forced me to be on top of my time management as opposed to in person learning, I think it’s almost easier to slip into a lull of laziness when you’re sitting at home instead of on campus. I also think it forces me to be more proactive with my learning and do a bit more self teaching, since it’s more difficult to communicate ideas with teachers over Zoom rather than in person.

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  1. Hi Derek! Thank you for this thoughtful post. I am always interested in how STEM students approach a course like this and how that knowledge can challenge the conventional way we think about history. I also think the podcasting week will be a lot of fun and give students the chance to create a mini podcast episode of their own!

    I definitely agree that the switch to online learning has forced us all to be better about time management. I am still trying to figure that one out! One day at a time. I look forward to hearing more from you!

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