Introduction, Alex Andoni

Hello everybody, my name is Alex Andoni and I am a freshman here at MSU. Due to Covid-19 and a very overwhelming class schedule I have severely fallen behind in this class. However, I am going to try my best to catch up to the rest of the class day by day. I am currently applying to the business school and I would like to major in finance or supply chain management. I am from Bloomfield Hills and attended Brother Rice High School. I have two older siblings along with two puppies (both chihuahuas). I grew up playing hockey and lacrosse and I continued playing those sports throughout high school. Last year I was the captain of my hockey team and we made it to the state semifinals, before the tournament was cancelled due to Covid-19. Over the summer I kept myself busy by working everyday landscaping and as an recall agent for a company named Dynamic DBC. 

I understand that I am extremely behind in this class, but after looking over the course schedule I am interested in the week 6 blog post assignment, Geospatial Analysis and Mapping. In high school I became very familiar with creating maps and analyzing charts based on data and other information in my AP United States history course. Also, I am eager to pursue the blog post for week 4, Narrative and Scholarly Communication. I have always found comparing two articles against each other and finding their similarities and differences fairly easy and interesting.

Personally, the transition to online school has been a challenging process in many ways. My high school did their best to prepare me for online learning but it was nothing like I expected. I have had mostly negative experiences when it comes to online learning, such as staying on task and staying motivated. The best way for me to learn is in person classes through visual explanation and it is somewhat difficult to learn through zooms and video lectures. However, some online courses and professors have allowed me to learn the material at my own pace which has been very helpful. 


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  1. Hi Alex! Thank you for sharing a little about yourself and I’m glad to see that you are excited about a few of the topics in the course! Please let me know if you have any questions along the way. Hopefully taking this class at your own pace will be helpful to you

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