Hey everyone! My name is Konstantino Karavitis, I am currently a sophomore at MSU and I’m originally from Brazil. I have lived in the same house my entire life and now not only have I moved to a different house, but a completely different country. My family came from Greece to Brazil during the second world war, however now my parents and siblings are the only ones left in Brazil. The rest of my family all moved back to Greece. Brazil does not have that rich of a history (considering that we have only existed from about 500 years (excluding the native people)), however Greece is probably one of, if not the, richest country history wise in the world.

I am extremely exited about Week Five that is Podcasting and Communication as Public History. Even though I am not from the United Stats, I am still extremely interested in the history that they have since it shows us how to be a ‘successful’ nation in so little time (compared to the thousands of years that Europe had to develop). Although I consider myself to be pretty good with numbers, I think that Week Nine (Data Analysis) will be a particularly tough week.

I think that the pandemic has forced people to change the way that they think about learning and studies. It has forced people to adapt to this ever changing world that is constantly advancing technologically and socially. Professors that have been teaching the same way for decades, now are being forced to change and that for me is something positive. They now have to understand that this new generation is much more technological, even when comparing to ten years ago.

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  1. Welcome Konstantino! It is so nice to learn more about you, and it’s really cool that you are taking this class from Brazil! One of my own minor fields in the PhD program is actually the study of race in Latin American history and that has been a fascinating learning experience. There is also a really deep history of slavery between the United States and Latin America broadly– especially Brazil, which was one of the last (if not THE last) countries to abolish it.

    The podcasting week will be a lot of fun and I am excited for students to learn about producing and editing podcasts, as well as getting the opportunity to create their own mini episode. I look forward to hearing from you more this semester!

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