Week 1 Blog Post: Introduction

Hi, my name is Mecca Muhammad and I am a junior at MSU this year. I am currently working on obtaining a dual degree while being on a pre-med track. My first major is in Kinesiology with a minor in Health Promotion. My second major is in Neuroscience with a concentration in cognitive neuroscience. I am from Ann Arbor, MI, and live about five minutes from the University of Michigan. I enjoy running, baking, and painting in my spare time.

I am excited for the sixth week because we will create a data map construction using flourish. I am nervous to learn about audacity as I have never tried it before however, I am willing to learn. The change to online has been a bit of an adjustment as I enjoy learning in a classroom setting. With all of my classes being online it has made me adjust the way I study and try to retain the information that is being taught.

One thought on “Week 1 Blog Post: Introduction

  1. Hi Mecca, it is so nice to learn more about you! Thank you for this thoughtful post. Your interests and background in STEM are really fascinating and I am always interested in hearing about how STEM students came to a history class (besides being a social sciences requirement, of course!). I think because of these interests, you can bring a profound perspective to this class and how quantitative and computational skills can change the way we think about history.

    Audacity has a small learning curve, but it is one of the best (and most accessible) audio editing softwares available. Our class visit with Dan that week will include a full tutorial, but be sure to ask questions if you have any! I look forward to hearing more about your thoughts and experiences this semester!

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