My name is Brett Spires from Pontiac Il which is a small farm town. It is my junior year at Michigan state university. I enjoy swimming and compete for the varsity swim team. My major is human resources. I plan on going to grad school at Michigan State after completing my undergrad. In my free time, I enjoy anything motorsport or automotive

Looking over the schedule week six geospatial and mapping looks very interesting. I love to see how countries and map lines change over time. To me, it’s just interesting to see how countries came to be the powerhouses of the world or how great powers came to fall. However, week 3 metadata makes me slightly nervous because I have never delt with any of those topics so far.

I definitely think the online zoom classes are definitely different than normal classes and definitely changed the way I study and learn knowledge. I have not taken a history class online yet so I am interested in how it changes from in class and if it benefits me. I am excited to see how this class will work and ready to learn.

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  1. Hi Brett! It’s nice to learn more about you! If you need advice about grad school or want to talk about the application process, I’d be happy to discuss my experiences.

    The week on mapping will be really cool, especially for seeing how information can produce different types of maps. As for metadata, it is probably something that you know already, but just haven’t used the term.

    I hope meeting via Zoom will giver students some structure and a space to interact over the materials at hand. I look forward to hearing more about your thoughts and experiences this semester!

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