Introduction-Alexander Morton IV

      Hey y’all, my name is Alexander Morton and here is a brief summary of myself. My hometown is Saint Clair, Michigan, on the east side of the state. I am 18 years old and currently a professional racing driver. I started racing when I was around 8 years in karting. I took a few years away from it from 10-13 years old then got back into racing at the age of 14. This is my first year pro racing and hopefully many more years to come. Fitness is a huge part and priority in my life and has been for years, it’s something that I love and have everyday in my schedule. I also love skiing, my dad got me into skiing when I was 9 years old and I’ve loved it since. I thought i’d also tell y’all why I chose MSU over any other school I applied to. I was fortunate enough to have been accepted to all the colleges I had applied to, though it was great I had options. Those options made it very difficult to make a decision. Ultimately I felt the most welcomed and at home here at MSU. I loved the atmosphere here and the school spirit everyone has is unbeatable. As well as , my sister attends Michigan State so having family was a bonus. I chose this class cause I wanted something a little different then the typical courses that we have been taking for years. Something different, interactive, not a huge class. Overall I’m excited to start this class and see where it takes me throughout the semester.

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  1. Hi Alex, thank you for this thoughtful post! Your growing career in racing sounds fascinating and definitely not something I hear everyday. I am glad that you encountered this course and thought it might be interesting to take. I hope you enjoy the material this semester and find our conversations engaging! I look forward to hearing more thoughts and reflections from you!

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