My name is Max Wang, and I am a sophomore at MSU. I come from Heze, a beautiful city that is famous for peonies in Shandong province. My family is huge in China, with seven people. Particularly worth mentioning is that I have two younger brothers in my family, and they regard me as their example. As for my hobbies, I love most kinds of sports; besides, I am keen on and good at traditional Chinese calligraphy. In my free time, I love watching NBA and Netflix; no matter what you say, Breaking Bad is the best TV show ever. Also, I like playing video games with my friends.

As an international student, I don’t know much about American history, but I will try my best to learn more about American culture and American history. Looking through the course schedule, they are exciting for me. I am most looking forward to podcasts, and digital art is in recent weeks. I believe I can learn something useful from it. English is my second language. Sometimes it isn’t easy to read and understand what the course is about. I believe as long as I try hard and challenge myself, everything will be ok.


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  1. Hi Max! It is nice to learn more about you. Your particular interest in traditional Chinese calligraphy sounds really interesting and impressive! I appreciate your willingness to learn and try new things in this course. As long as you put in your best effort, you will be just fine! If you ever need clarification or additional help along the way, I am happy to meet over Zoom. I look forward to hearing more about your thoughts and experiences this semester!

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