Hi my name is Diya! I joined this course a bit late which is why this post is being posted pretty late. I am a freshmen this year majoring in Human Biology. I’m taking this course because it seems really interesting to me. I want to educate myself more about history because obviously there’s a lot I don’t know about. I am most excited for Week 5 because I think it’s going to be fascinating to have a speaker teach us about podcasts. I really enjoy listening to podcasts in my free time or have it playing in the background while I am doing something, so I am really looking forward to learning more about it and how to even make one.

This whole pandemic has really been an eye opener because there’s only so little you can do online than in person. It is a bit difficult keeping up with everything so I obviously would prefer a traditional classroom learning, but it could be worse. It’s been difficult to communicate with classmates/professors online and it sucks I can’t get to know people that well but I’ve been getting used to it. I haven’t had any problems with this class yet which is amazing, and I can’t wait to continue to learn more in this class.

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