Flourish Visualization

For my flourish visualization I wanted to look at the population of slaves in the popular southern states of the US. I did it from 1790-1840. We all know that slavery was very popular in the south and while looking at data it was interesting to see the non-southern states, of course the data wasn’t even close but it was crazy to see how different the numbers were. I chose the column chart to show the states side by side and seeing the small difference between those southern states was honestly kind of surprising. I’m sure other visualizations could’ve worked with this data but I personally thought a side by side would be the best idea to see the difference.

One thought on “Flourish Visualization

  1. This is a fantastic visualization incorporating the data for the years 1790-1840– it is especially interesting to see this trajectory of comparison across a long time frame. Overall, there is a general growth across the four states represented, but Georgia is striking for its spike in enslavement over the course of time. Excellent work and thoughts on this data!

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