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For my data map, I chose to display the amount of nonwhite enslaved people from ages 36-54 versus the nonwhite free people in the same age group in the year 1830. The map is small, but it still gives us a lot of information. What I assume the map is telling us is that the lifespan for enslaved people of color was much shorter than white people. They, of course, lived much harsher lives, so I can understand why they didn’t live as long. Very few people of color in that age group were free, and there are many more who are enslaved, especially along the eastern coast of South Carolina. The county of Charleston has the most enslaved people who are ages 36-54.

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  1. This is a great visualization and I think you are on the right track for considering the role of life expectancy in this data map. While we know that there were fewer free people of color in 1830, it is still probable to conclude that violence, poor working conditions, and lack of access to medical services were important factors in determining the health and life expectancy of enslaved people. From a technological standpoint, this is a great choropleth map and I like the usage of the slider to flip between data sets! Excellent job building this in Flourish!

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