Before talk about the website, I want to say something about what should a good website be in my mind. Just like the advertising boarding, people will not spend a lot of time read them on the motorway because they are driving. Sometimes few words or a impressive picture will be better than few sentences. As a student, I have enough time to read articles and watch video, we are not the same as drivers on motorway which puts almost all attention on advertising boarding. However, I think nobody will focus on reading passage for a lot time. That also what I want to say, make the key word obvious.


This time I chose two websites from Group B. The first website is . The first impression of this website is clean and clear. It puts the direction of what resources we need on the homepage. We can click Advertisements, documents, explanatory Essays, person profiles and resources bottoms for what we need. The main color of the website is white and brown which means people will not feel tired easily when reading the website for a long time. Compared with colorful website, This is much better from my perspective.


The second website is This is also a good example of websites and this is much better than last one. The words and picture shows the theme very well and the bottom lead people to database. In the database, we can research by using the key word. This is different from the first one. By using key words in database, we can easily find the resources we want.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about the elements that you believe a *good* website should include, and I completely agree. “Packaging” the content in the right way is incredibly important. Too much text, images without captions, or poor navigation will probably scare users away. Thank you for providing these thoughts!

    Your observations and critiques of the two websites speak to important themes that we discussed regarding website evaluations. I agree that the second website is more immersive and has stronger visual appeal. Also, it is probably more accessible to broader audiences or younger students. With that said, I personally think the first website excels in having more content and better organization as a database.

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