It’s crazy how there is so much that we don’t even know about our own country. The reading for week 2 really opened my eyes to how much I don’t know. Although I was taught about slavery in high school, there is so much that was left out and not even talked about. I’m grateful I am able to educate myself on this topic because it’s one of the biggest problems. Thinking about how much I didn’t know before and still may not know, it makes me wonder, “Why aren’t most people taught about the deep truth of slavery?” This is a question that educators need to be asked. I did a little research on that question, and found many articles talking about how schools are failing to teach the truth about slavery. There are many films and documentaries that teach you so much about the history of slavery that I think the majority of people should watch. Even researching or talking to people who are educated on the topic would help.

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  1. Hello, my name is Maia. I complete this course asynchronous so you probably haven’t seen me in class before. I just have finally been able to explore peoples blog posts. I thought this one in particular was very thoughtful and true. I was taught a lot in the terms of the history of slavery, but it is crazy to me that other students in different schools do not get to explore the same material that other schools offer and teach. I also explored this topic for my blog post four and I had the same kind of results reporting that schools are failing to teach the raw truth of slavery. Great job, I throughly enjoyed reading your post!

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