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For me, making the visualization on Flourish was actually a very interesting task. Seeing all the date from the different spreadsheets was super interesting. And then seeing the data in all different kinds of charts really put everything into perspective. When I first took a glance at the datasets, it actually really shocked me because of just how many people were enslaved during the year 1800. In terms of the visualization, I chose to represent the data in a stacked area chart. My x-axis consisted of the states in which there were free and enslaved people. My y-axis consisted of the number of people in each state. When I was surfing around in Flourish, I defiantly think that other visualizations could of worked fine in terms of representing the data, but I defiantly thought the stacked area chart did the best job.

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  1. This is a great visualization and representation of your data! I also really enjoyed reading about your interpretations of the graph. I agree that the stacked area chart was a good decision for how to represent this information.

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