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Research question: What was the proportion of enslaved non-white people to free non-white people in 1790? What different variable could be responsible for the number?

I used the different categories of races along with categories such as enslaved, not enslaved, slave owner, and not. These help show the different races side by side with enslaved and not and slave owner and not. It confirms a lot of what we have learned in class as well as shows some surprising numbers as well. I don’t believe any other graphic would have worked with this data. I tried to have it show county and state as well to get even more details about my research question. I had a hard time getting the data to work with anything other than a bar chart.


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  1. Hi Erica, I enjoyed your research question a lot. I find it very important to take into account the different variables that could alter data, as researchers it is just as important to be able to understand why data is the way it is as to just interpret the data itself.

  2. This is an excellent visualization for the year 1790, and I think your research question exploring the variables behind the populations of enslaved and free people of color at this time are equally interesting. I think the bar chart was a good choice for representing this data as well. Thanks for sharing this visualization and your thoughts about it.

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