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I chose to write about the Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper source. My questions pertaining to the source is; where were white sympathizers typically located in the United States at the time this newspaper used them as one of their target audiences? After copying my URL into Voyant, many different words popped up. When using Voyant, it will defiantly help you find out the most prevalent words and topics discussed in the article, which will give you a quick idea just what exactly the article in question is about. In my text analysis, words like; Cherokee, newspaper, 1829, Phoenix, chronicling, and many more popped up. Most importantly, Georgia popped up, and thats where I suspect that most of the white sympathizers were located. In terms of advantages and disadvantages of using Voyant, I don’t think there were any disadvantages. I thought it made it super easy to locate the central points of the Cherokee Phoenix article which was obviously an advantage. And it helped me find out the answer to my question in a matter of minutes.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading about your interest in using Voyant for the Cherokee Phoenix newspaper. It seems that both the word cloud and the graph were helpful in shedding some light on your research question. I think it would also be worthwhile to broaden the audiences of the Cherokee Phoenix to include the Cherokee community themselves. They were probably the primary consumers of the newspaper given it was published in both the Cherokee language and in English. Thank you for sharing your visuals from Voyant and your thoughts on text analysis!

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