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For this assignment I chose to use an article from the Cherokee Phoenix newspaper. While reading this i was interested that whenever the text said anything about the Cherokee Council or the Cherokee Committee, the other was sometimes mentioned in conjunction as well. This lead to my question which is, to what extent are both the Cherokee Committee and Council an equal part of the governing body, and is a society benefited or worsened by the emergence of a two party system. I believe this question to be valid even to this day, with strong implications to past present and future. Both the words Council and Committee appear on my word chart, yet the word committee is larger, meaning it was used more.

I believe the use of tools like voyant can be very useful to students and people that analyze text(s); although, I do not think that it is a reliable source to cite as fact. I think that these models can and should be used to guide a researcher to a question and or answer, but cant be used to make a conclusive assumption. For example, in my models, the word committee is used more frequently than council, but that does not necessarily mean that the committee holds more power than the council did, but it guided me to a question and is worth a look into.

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  1. I totally agree with what you have said in this Blog. Technology tool like voyant can show the situation in the best way. Whatever the situation is, just put the data into the dataset and we can get a prefect graph. We have learned a lot of new things in the course and also technology tools. they can help us not only in this course but also in the courses later in the university.

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