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The Great Migration took place right after the Civil War, this was the first real transhumance of African Americans from out of the South to communities in the North and West. I believe my geographical map about the historical movement of the black community does a great job at explaining the environmental reasons and push factors that caused African Americans to relocate during the 20th century. The lack of opportunity for African Americans to make a stable living in the South sped up the process for the migration. 

By creating this narrative map it taught me about the economic inequality that existed towards African Americans. These activities were sharecropping & tenant farming.  Besides unfair discrimination and lynching they lacked human capital, like access to education which they could attain by heading North.

It’s very interesting at the amount of details or even coverage of these events in American history. The Great Migration is a very important precursor to what would follow, that being the Civil Rights Movement. The Great Migration catapulted many polarizing figures to use their platform to demand change for the black community.

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  1. Your story map offers an impressive array of details and imagery support significance geographic focal points on the map. Because this narrative is about a diaspora, or migration of people, it makes sense that you choose a narrative map to convey this information. As you highlight in your blog analysis, there is an important historical context that initiated the Great Migration as well as significant consequences like the eventual Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s. I learned so much from this story map– excellent work!

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