Blog Post 5- Podcast Time :)

In this podcast, I just talk to people in my house about how they think slavery should be addressed in schools. Because of this class, I have become more interested in how schools handle teaching slavery due to the many things I have learned in this class that I had never heard of prior. So, I decided to ask the question: Should slavery should be taught more in schools or should people only learn about it through electives or personal interest and why?

One thought on “Blog Post 5- Podcast Time :)

  1. Excellent use of intro music and leading thoughts to hook the listener into your episode! I really enjoyed how you interviewed a few people in your household by exploring the question of how schools teach the history of slavery– the structure of the interviews was fantastic and I loved how candid/conversational they were! I really appreciated the depth of conversation and the interviewees’ thoughtful responses– they all touched on important themes like personal responsibility, trauma, and the legacies of violence. I think what really stood out to me was the ability of learning empathy through history. Your third interviewee spoke so eloquently and profoundly about this subject, I was impressed! Too often, we learn that slavery is simply “bad,” but receive little context or explanation for understanding the human experiences behind that pain. Kudos to you and your interviewees for contributing to this wonderful episode! I wish this could be a whole series!

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