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I have decided to compare the websites in group B. The title of the first website is called The Geography of Slavery in Virginia. At first glance, the website is not very appealing to the viewer’s eye. In my opinion, the home page is very bland and there is nothing that attracts the viewer’s attention. It looked as if the information that was presented was limited. There were only a few sentences and visual images per page which made me lose interest in the website. However, once the viewer is able to successfully navigate the website, they will be able to find the detailed information. The website is not very user friendly but it certainly does have the information needed to educate someone on the particular subject of the geography of slavery. If the user were to look deeper into the sources provided they would find how organized the information really is.

The second website that was provided was called Freedom On the Move. The presentation is a lot more appealing to the viewer and it is much easier to navigate through the website. There is a decent amount of information along with corresponding images which draws the viewer’s attention. The “Team” tab gives a small description and shows a picture of the members who created the website. This provides the viewers with an understanding of who worked on it and that they are trustworthy, reliable sources. This database provides numerous sources that allow its viewers to find the information they are specifically searching for.

Overall, I think the second website is more user friendly for viewers and is easier to navigate. However, the first website has more information that is available but it is somewhat difficult to navigate through. Although both databases have minor issues and critiques, it does not take away the credibility of them. In my opinion, I think the most important features for databases to have are accessibility and presentability.

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  1. These reviews are strong critiques of both of the websites; you encapsulated not only the visual appearance of the websites, but the functionality and navigability of them as well. As you noted, these are both wonderful databases of information and share the opportunity to use these sources and make them publicly accessible.

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