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I had decided to review and look over “the Geography of slaves in Virginia” website for this weeks blog post and post my learnings. Starting with the website, the website initially was very easy to learn, easy to find your way around through the information and well organized. It was well laid out and easy on the eyes, pleasant to read through the information on the page. The Geography of slaves in Virginia has great information published and provides many different sources of information from documents, advertisements, essays, profiles etc.


My least favorite part of the website is the website can be a little boring to look at and read. A lot of the pages provided were very bland and had limited information. Very repetitive and needed just a little more to keep me around the website for longer, for example you find the same color profile of brown and tan throughout the entire website and it is very un-motivating in a way. Though I loved the information provided in the website like the personal profiles for example the Personal profile of billy. I also really appreciate that it provides further resources on the site, there you can also find definitions of objects mentioned and where to find more back round information on a subject discussed which can be very useful when lost haha.



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  1. This website certainly reflects its age, but the strength of the database speaks for itself. Especially when compared to the second website, which only includes advertisements, the first site has depth and carefully categorized content (with metadata!)

  2. Its sometimes hard wrenching to remember the horrors of slavery, but history shows us the importance understanding, observing, and recognizing how far society has come. Going on the website I did not realize that over 400 years ago in the United States, then first slave arrived in Virginia. I agree shifting through the different loading pages was an easy task. The geography reminds us of the diaspora of African Americas and their deep culture which was spread all over the United States, after surviving the awful Atlantic crossing.

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