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For this blog post, I chose to review the websites under option D.

“Revisiting Rebellion: Nat Turner in the American Imagination”

This website provided a little bit of information on Nat Turner’s Rebellion in August of 1831. The execution of the website has its strengths and weaknesses. One strength is that it provides a short summary of what happened in Nat Turner’s Rebellion without being too lengthy and losing the reader’s attention. This strength, however, can also be interpreted as a weakness. The website does leave out many details about Nat Turner’s Rebellion because it is so short in length. I would definitely say the strengths outweigh the weaknesses, though. It’s better to have something be short and to the point rather than long, drawn out, and boring. The information is presented in a professional manner using sources and even a picture depicting what the event may have looked like. It is very accessible for the readers as well, giving short paragraphs with very necessary information. I would say this is a great source to use for a school research paper on Nat Turner’s Rebellion, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone that wants to learn a basic idea of what happened in this event.

The Portent: John Brown’s Raid in American Memory (Virginia Museum of History and Culture):

This website provided a lot of information on John Brown’s raid. Myself, not ever knowing about this historical occurrence, definitely did see some similarities with this event and Nat Turner’s Rebellion. This website like the last one does indeed have its strengths and weaknesses. A strength this website has is that it has five different pages explaining different things about the event on each page in a very orderly fashion. It also gives a great deal of information in comparison to the website on Nat Turner’s Rebellion. One big weakness it has, however, is that it is formatted so only about half the page has text on it. The other half of the page is just full of links to other pages, and it is not very visually pleasing. The information is presented in different pages as previously mentioned. There are also figures on each page including a picture of John Brown. It has great accessibility as well, providing easy and fast transitions to from page to page with necessary information that can be used for research purposes.

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  1. these are strong points of analysis and evaluation for these two websites. Both are similar in presentation of their material, but differ in some aspects of their organization. The combination of text an images are solid for both websites, however I wish there was a deeper analysis of those images. As you importantly noted, however, they are extremely detailed and informative to the user with easy navigation throughout both websites.

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