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Strengths: The website has some great write up and stories about slaves in new york. It gives some great insight into what life was like for them. It also gave a good overview of some of the enslaved peoples’ history and their heritage. Overall it seemed to be good a giving information about the exhibit and the people in it.

Weakness: However the main thing holding back the website is its accessibility. The layout of the website is a little off and can be sometimes hard to find the information you’re looking for. Overall if the layout of the website was better they could expand towards a larger crowd.


Strengths: Overall the layout of this website makes for a great experience. I feel like it also conveyed the information extremely well in a few ways. The first being having the information quickly accessible on the front page of the website. It also had text and videos to help push their information. Overall the website was a good experience to have and made figuring out the information easily.

Weakness: However I do think the information could be presented more extensively. This could be done by showing more in-depth information in the first few clicks of being on the website.


Strengths: I think the number one strength of this website is that has great primary sources for pictures. This can help convey how Frederick Douglass looked like and things about him that people may not realize from just reading about him

Weakness: However the website doesn’t seem to have a lot of text information about Frederick Douglass


Strengths: This website was easy to navigate and seemed to have a nice layout to read the information.

Weakness: However this website seems to be lacking in in-depth information. There only seem to be a few topics and not many of them are really detailed.

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  1. These are strong evaluations of the set of websites you chose to review. There is a lot of ground covered here as well; visual appeal, navigation, depth of content, and whether the site is user-friendly stand out as some of the most significant elements for measuring a website’s value. Although each website might be categorized differently based on its purpose, they should all meet certain standards and expectations for education purposes.

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