Blog Post #4

The two websites that I chose to compare were the sites on Frederick Douglas. The first website was the site for the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site in Southeast Washington, D.C.. It is a musuem of objects, documents and photos of Douglass’ life. This site was very easy to access and easy to navigate through. I believe that the strength of this site is the content is contains. Not only does it contain such historical photos of Frederick Douglass, it has images of items of his too. The only exhibit was very nice and told a story of Douglass. This allowed me to feel as though I was living through the moments.

A weakness of this website was the lack of content variety. There was only one exhibit that I saw. I would have loved to see more exhibits, especially about his past life.

The Federick Douglass virtual musuem gave me more of an exciting feel. The image gallery had a variety of historical photos. Not only were there phots of Federick Douglass, but of other activists as well. The categories were divided by the mighty word, power of an idea, visionary and more. There was a lot of content throughout the website. I love that with each section, there was a great amount of background information with alot of photos to follow. The information is presented in a really nice way to keep the readers engaged with the content. The only thing that I would sugegst would be to have brighter colors so that site doesnt look too dull. I know for me, presentation is what also keeps me engaged, outside of content. I think that giving the historical information in a more modern way would help graspe the attention of alot of the young readers looking to gain more knowledge.


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