Blog Post 3

Item 1:

This first item is an image which depicts the harsh way in which enslaved people were treated. It shows a boy who is wearing a heavy iron collar which is meant to impede ones daily life and cause discomfort. The image also shows a girl wearing a long wooden board around her neck, almost comparable to that of a guillotine. There was no specific date of this event, as Ellis traveled to Madagascar multiple times throughout the 1850’s. I feel as if it is safe to assume that This was not an isolated event, and happened countless times over the duration of slavery in Madagascar.

Item 2:

This second item is a document which both describes the workings of a slave ship, as well as provides a diagram of the ship from the top, as well as from the inside of its hull. This item did not have a date of creation, but we can infer that it was before 1992 as it was used in a catalog of the slave trade in that year. We can also infer that It was made no earlier than 1921, as that was when Jean Boudriot, the author and artist, was born. Although there is no date for this document, it was mentioned that she ship had sailed from France in 1784. This document both depicts and describes the way in which transporting enslaved people from Africa aboard this ship would look like.

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