Blog #7

Charleston slave badge from 1801 for Mechanic No.  108. This badge was used in Charleston, South Carolina, the United States, North, and Central America. It is apart of the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture collection. This badge is made of copper in a dark color with a green patina. It was gifted from the Liljenquist Family Collection. It is classified under slavery and freedom objects.

This badge is a priceless piece of history. These badges were used for enslaved people who worked in the city. They were required to wear them as a form of identification. The fact that enslaved people were identified by numbers and not names shows just how important they were. It saddens me to know that my culture of people was, and still, are looked at as just another form of labor to be beneficial to the economy.

I think it is challenging to present history to the public due to how people react to it. So many aren’t welcoming to b being educated on the history of other people, cultures, and experiences. I think it is important to get this information out because it will open the minds of so many people. A lot of people act the way they do because they don’t know.


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