Blog #5

This reading from this week covered the topic of industrial slavery. When I think of industrial slavery, I think of modern-day slavery. When I say modern-day slavery, I mean working in an industrial factory or for an industrial company for lots of hours although the benefits/pay don’t equal the amount of work put in.

This reading talked about a part of slavery that is hidden or not talked about as much. Growing up, we were only taught that we were taken away from our land and worked in plantations. It was very rare, if ever, where we learned about the economic benefits that the economy got from slaves. Something that stood out to me in this reading was how even if a person was buying a product, they were still supporting slavery. It’s like one of those things that would always receive some type of benefit in any way.

It really shocked me to know that jails were used as places to house enslaved people while they were being moved around. This is something that I never learned growing up. Why a jail? To me, jail is another form of enslavement. The poor service, people being treated inhuman, etc.

I knew that enslaved people were already being taken advantage of. But to take advantage of women and children because they knew they didn’t have equal rights is really heart breaking. It just shows how your disadvantages can be taken advantage of.

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