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Blog Post 4: Write a comparative website review of two websites that are paired together below (See the Journal of American History‘s Digital History Review Criteria). Examine the strengths and weaknesses of the website, how the information is presented, and its accessibility for readers.

  1.  The Geography of Slavery in Virginia (UVA):
  2.  Freedom On the Move:

The Freedom on the move website looks more professional. The graphics are more crisp and seems to be more legit. The font and the size of the text is a little more casual where as the other font and size seem less welcoming. The font is just harsher in the geography of slavery in virginia. The color spread on the first source is dull and monochromatic which make the site look slightly outdated. The second sources also have different color choices but still better than the first source because there is some contrast on the screen. Besides aesthetics, the second source presents content in a more obvious way. The graphics on the back of the website seem extensive and establishes credibility. The first source only has a cartoon in their main page. This is fine but it does not do very much for establishing credibility. The second source has every common heading at the top such as: about us, team, institution, etc. This helps the readers find exactly what they are looking for to establish credibility. The other source has headers but they are less self explanatory. Overall, for the everyday user the second source not only is more aesthetically pleasing but better organized in its presentation of information.


One thought on “Blog 4

  1. These are strong thoughts and observations about the two websites. There is a noticeable difference between the two websites from a visual standpoint, however, the first website was completed in 2005 with updates only to sustain the life of the website. To me, the second source is more concerned about presenting the “production” of the product rather than focusing on the product itself. There are photos of the production team at the bottom and menu tabs that are focused on the context of production. Only a white tab in the center of the page is a window into the database. Maybe it’s just me, but I would like the FOTM website to front-load the historical content first.

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