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Im interested in seeing slavery and the United States painful transition from a new and more truthful prospective. I am interested in researching about how slavery in other countries may have shaped the way Americans perceive and understand the United States period of slavery.  I feel like it may be difficult to find sources to show significant changes or differences in opinions because gaging perception is more of a subjective thing. I think my findings would form me to change my question to be more definitive and have more of a close ended question. I feel like I need to prove or deny a question instead of just gathering information. I think I could reasonably answer the question: “which country has done the most to combat their negative past” I would like to access books and articles.

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  1. I think your thoughts about the transnational nature of slavery would be an excellent starting point for thinking about the global impacts of both slavery and freedom. Some people have a tendency to hyper-focus on the United States without considering the larger connections between the US and the world. I also like how you acknowledge that your question may change depending upon the sources you find.

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