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Other side of civil war and slavery. I do not mean I support slavery but I want to say everything have both sides.

Before the war, the 2/3 world cotton came from south

After the war, nothing but freedom left

Rarely aid from north for recovering but differ from the defeated country after world war II

All things have the limitations of the times. We can’t look at the past things with today’s eyes.

However, slavery is always the enemy of world peace and process of history

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  1. This podcast episode provides a strong overview of the centrality of slavery to the Southern economy and the devastation of the Civil War. At the same time, you are sensitive to historical experiences of enslaved people in these contexts. I particularly enjoyed how you addressed the justifications that enslavers used to protect the institution of slavery and your acknowledgement of the long history of exploited labor in the United States. As you describe, many marginalized communities were victims of labor exploitation, which carries a significant legacy today. As a result, there are continuities of violence, incarceration, poverty, and other systemic problems that disproportionately affect people of color. Thank you for sharing your insights on these topics in your episode!

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