Blog 7

In Blog 7, I choose to use two Pictures about slavery. Title: Life is a circle Description: This paper record a Brazilian slave ship, they started shipping from Brazil and got Africa, met Spanish and Portuguese. Finally, they took seven back to South America. Slavery […]

Blog 8

Blog 8 In the Blog, I choose to use an newspaper in Memphis daily appeals. August 07,1860 At the very beginning of the newspaper, there is a large national democratic ticket title. That is the ticket for president and vice president. I think their opponent […]


Before talk about the website, I want to say something about what should a good website be in my mind. Just like the advertising boarding, people will not spend a lot of time read them on the motorway because they are driving. Sometimes few words or […]

Blog 3

My first resource is and my second source is The first resource talk about the situation of people at 1859 sold and brought slaves as an item and the second is the History Behind a Slave’s Bill of Sale This would be a […]

Yaoyu Blog2

This week is the second week of leaning American history and slavery. For the reason I come from China and I only study a little about American History in high school and it could be the first time for me to learn about slavery. I […]