Week 8: Text Analysis with Voyant

I looked through the listed categories for Guide to Religious Content in Monday’s database containing slave narratives and it helped me formulate my research question: How may religion have been a motivating factor for resistance?  I’m not very well acquainted with using text analysis tools […]

Week Seven: Museum Label

Dress made by an unidentified enslaved woman or women: This artifact is a cotton dress hand-stitched by either one or multiple enslaved women sometime around the mid-1800s, near the time of  American Civil War, in Staunton, Virginia. It is unclear who created the dress, but […]

Week Six – Narrative Map

https://uploads.knightlab.com/storymapjs/ab54adc2cded010eec131d980164cf28/the-violent-road-to-civil-war/draft.html For this week’s blog post, I decided to do a narrative map using the knightlab site. My topic was related to the Geopolitics chapter in Schermerhorn’s book, specifically on the violent events that led up to the Civil War in the United States and […]

Week 4: Website Comparisons

I decided to look at the C websites on Frederick Douglass for this week’s assignment. To start with the first site listed, the landing page that introduces visitors to the site could be stronger. There isn’t much color and the logo for the National Park […]

Week Three: Omeka Items

Source 1: American Colonization Society Certificate to James Madison http://omekahst251.jenniferandrella.com/items/show/2  Source 2: James Madison to Robert I. Evans, June 15, 1819. http://omekahst251.jenniferandrella.com/items/show/5 The first source I found was a certificate that the American Colonization Society granted to James Madison to certify that he was a […]

HST 251: Blog Post 2

     For our second week of class, we discussed the introduction, first, and second chapters from Carl Schermerhorn’s book. We covered slavery’s role in the American Revolution, how it not only made up much of America’s economy but also had an impact on practically […]

Introduction: Leah Welch

Hello! I’m Leah Welch and I’m a sophomore this year. I’m a history major with minors in Religious Studies and Jewish Studies. In my free time, I like to cook/bake new things, read, get outside to hike or kayak, spend time with friends (nowadays over […]