Final Blog :'( – Noah Thomas

On week four I did my blog post about The Geography of Slavery in Virginia and Freedom on the Move websites. I felt both these sites were outdated, especially Geography, and were very clumsy to navigate. Windows were popping up everywhere, they weren’t very intuitive, […]

Blog 7, Noah Thomas

(National Museum of African American History and Culture) Circa 1859 Gourd Banjo. Head of Banjo produced from a dried gourd, with some sort of animal skin stretched over it (likely goat, or possibly deer). Interestingly, the neck includes frets, which traditionally were not used in […]

Blog4, Noah

I chose the Geography of Slavery (GoS) and Freedom on the Move (FOTM). FOTM had a very extensive database with useful a very useful filter that could hone in on a state, county, and city, and of course publish dates. FOTM focuses on newspaper advertisements […]


Something from the reading that really caught my interest was how aware the founders were of the importance of cotton and how that awareness influenced the debate around slavery in the new nation. George Washington writes to Thomas Jefferson: “the increase of that new material […]

Introduction, Noah Thomas

Hello! I’m a junior transfer student, this is my first semester at MSU, which is quite confusing because this isn’t normal MSU, yet it’s the only MSU I know. I’m a History Major, though a large chunk of my interests lie in theory, which I feel […]