Final Blog Post

For my final blog post, I decided to actually go back to week ten for a few reasons. The first was that it was one of. my favorite activities to do and one that I was good at. The second was that I see adding […]

Blog Post 9

I decided for this week’s blog post I would look at data from different states on the amount of free non-white were living there. I choose this topic because I wanted to see if there were large differences in states in the 1790s and how […]

Blog Post 4

Website: Strengths: The website has some great write up and stories about slaves in new york. It gives some great insight into what life was like for them. It also gave a good overview of some of the enslaved peoples’ history and their heritage. […]

Blog Post 3

Omeka Post 1: The reason I choose this photo of the women is that I find it interesting in a few different ways. The first thing I notice is the woman seems to be old and somewhat wealthy. This leads me to wonder if […]

Blog Post 2

Over the first two-week of class, I have learned a lot about slavery. After the lectures and after reading the two chapters from Carl Schermerhorn’s book I realized that my knowledge about slavery from high school was very poor. My knowledge before this class mainly […]


My name is Brett Spires from Pontiac Il which is a small farm town. It is my junior year at Michigan state university. I enjoy swimming and compete for the varsity swim team. My major is human resources. I plan on going to grad school […]