Final Blog Post

My favorite tool to use this semester was definitely Flourish. I’m glad that we got to use it twice because it was interesting to see all the data laid out in a chart/map. Using Flourish made it a lot easier to visualize the data I […]

Data Map

For my data map, I chose to display the amount of nonwhite enslaved people from ages 36-54 versus the nonwhite free people in the same age group in the year 1830. The map is small, but it still gives us a lot of information. What […]

Omeka Items

For this assignment, I created two posts on Omeka. The first one is called “The Representation of the Brig ‘Vigilante,’” and it is a picture depicting the amount of enslaved persons that can be packed onto a ship that brings them across the Middle Passage […]

Comparative Website Review

The websites I chose are about the Frederick Douglass National Historic Site. Frederick Douglass is “one of the most prominent African Americans in the 19th century.” Both the websites document the life of Douglass through images, texts, descriptions, and more. The first website ( has […]

Blog Post 2: Research Question

The readings so far have been very fascinating. It is interesting to hear about the actual history of how slaves were treated and valued, as this wasn’t anything I had previously heard about or been taught in high school. I thought it was interesting how […]