Final Blog Post

To begin my final post I would like to say that this was by far the most enjoyable class I had this semester. The small class size allowed me to get the extra help and support right from my professor. The projects that we have […]


To begin my visualization creation process I decided to use 15 to 19 year old females in slavery in the 1850. Flourish is a tool we have used before, but this is the first time we have created a graph. This website made it easy […]

Blog #8

Link 1 Link 2 I really enjoyed completing this assignment, it was like the flourish map assignment because we got to do some technical activity within our research. For my research question I chose to explore was what a funeral for a religious slave included? […]

Blog #7

      Museum Label: This document is a payment receipt regarding the information of a purchase of an enslaved African American. This transaction was made on January 28th, 1813 in Essex County, Virginia. Rosa Gray was the initial slaveholder, she sold Cook the enslaved […]

Week 6- Data Mapping

Data Map: I greatly enjoyed this project because I have never made a data map before and I found the information that I uncovered to be very interesting. For my data map I wanted to explore the population of families holding enslaved African Americans […]

Week 4

The first website I reviewed was . The first thing I noticed was that the homepage graphic was very small and only took up a small fraction of the page. Although this may seem like a minor issue, it only holds small amounts of […]


  It was crazy to listen to the class videos and hear that a lot of people hadn’t learned about things in our readings so far. I remember having an extensive learning experience on the subject of slavery when I was in middle school and […]