Final Exam Blog Post

Throughout this semester, HST 251 has taught me many things about the history of slavery. Through the activities and blog posts have done, it has become much easier to comprehend the crucial material we have learned during this class. One activity that sticks out to […]

Blog Post 9

For me, making the visualization on Flourish was actually a very interesting task. Seeing all the date from the different spreadsheets was super interesting. And then seeing the data in all different kinds of charts really put everything into perspective. When I first took a […]

Blog Post 8

I chose to write about the Cherokee Phoenix Newspaper source. My questions pertaining to the source is; where were white sympathizers typically located in the United States at the time this newspaper used them as one of their target audiences? After copying my URL into […]

Blog Post 4

So I chose B and B. In terms of accessibility for readers, both are super easy to access and use. They both have drop down menus for specific information and both have a search bar, which can narrow down your desired search even more. In […]

Blog Post 3

Photo: Slave Voyages , “Intra-American Slave Trade ,” HST 251 Doing Digital History- Omeka, accessed October 18, 2020, Document: Slavery in the Courtroom: An Annotated Bibliography of American Cases by Paul Finkelman, “Slaves and the Courts, 1740 to 1860 ,” HST 251 Doing Digital […]

Blog Post 2

I would first off start by researching on the internet, to find accurate and reliable sources that would answer the research question. Im sure once I actually began gathering information on the subject, I would reframe my question a bit so the research I gathered […]