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(National Museum of American History) “A survey of Civil War artifacts in the Smithsonian’s collections would not be complete without one of the most cherished pieces at the National Museum of American History—a top hat worn by Abraham Lincoln, who, in all but six weeks […]

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I had decided to review and look over “the Geography of slaves in Virginia” website for this weeks blog post and post my learnings. Starting with the website, the website initially was very easy to learn, easy to find your way around through the information […]

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My first link is  My second link is    Starting with the first link of extracting a chigger. The painting pictures a black woman on her knees extracting a chigger from a white mans foot sitting on a stool. The chigger was a bug known […]

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Historical Thinking; Blog 2 This weeks reading was definitely something new and different in our blog post number 2. It gave us as readers more in depth look into slavery and it was definitely something unlike anything else I had read. It’s been interesting getting […]


Introduction-Alexander Morton IV       Hey y’all, my name is Alexander Morton and here is a brief summary of myself. My hometown is Saint Clair, Michigan, on the east side of the state. I am 18 years old and currently a professional racing driver. […]